Using a Wall Lamp Cover to Update Your Lighting

wall lamp cover

A wall lamp cover is a great way to add an extra layer of personality and style to your light fixtures. They’re especially useful in rooms where you want to change the look of your lighting without the hassle of removing an existing fixture, wiring or moving furniture.

These covers are available in a variety of designs and materials to complement every decor and color scheme. They also offer a sleek and simple way to brighten up walls in any room.

One of our favorites is this clear glass drum shade, a minimalistic design that’s perfect for updating your home’s lighting. The frosted glass is a soft and subtle finish that’s paired with a white matte frame for a clean, fresh look.

It’s also a great choice for areas that need a lot of light but don’t want to clutter up the space with a bulky, bulbous light. You can also find sconce shades in a wide variety of shapes to accommodate any decor theme, from mason jars to sleek domes.

Aside from giving you an easy way to brighten up your walls, a sconce cover can also help you create a mood or ambience with its shaded light. Some styles, like sconce covers with black or grey fabrics, are meant to set the tone of a room while others, such as sconce covers in beige or oatmeal, are aimed at creating contrast.

You can also choose a shade that resembles the light from your ceiling lights or that matches the look of the existing fixtures you have. This is a particularly popular option for those looking to give a room an updated and modern vibe, especially when it comes to bathrooms and powder rooms.

Another great idea is to use a sconce cover with an etched glass shade. This style is a great fit for sconces in any bathroom or powder room that need a little more light than a standard sconce can provide.

The sconce cover can be made of a variety of materials and colors, including metal, wood or fabric. They can even be adorned with a unique design, such as a flower or other motif, that ties the whole room together and provides a sense of continuity from one space to the next.

While sconces and wall lamps are essentially the same thing, they’re usually categorized differently because of the way they work. Sconces typically have a bulb covered by glass, while wall lamps feature a light source mounted behind the surface of a wall or other fixture.

Choosing the right sconce or wall light is an important decision, as you need to consider how the lights will be used and where they will be located in your space. In most cases, you’ll need to place them at least 5 feet away from the floor for best results, but the exact heights may vary depending on your ceilings and what type of wall sconce or light you choose.

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