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What Does Modern Style Look Like?

Originally born out of a design movement around the turn of the 20th century, modern style is a broad term that describes the decor trend that celebrates simple shapes, natural materials and neutral hues. It also rejects the excessive embellishment of traditional styles and embraces a “form follows function” approach.

While it has a tendency to seem cold and harsh, modern style can actually be surprisingly inviting with its clean lines and focus on the function of furnishings. This design philosophy makes it an ideal decorating choice for those who appreciate a spacious, clean-lined space with minimal clutter and fussy adornments.

A Modern Home Makeover

To create a warm and cozy modern design scheme, consider employing elements of texture. Textured fabrics, tufted furniture, plush rugs and woven baskets add visual interest to modern decor.

Aside from being a stylish addition, these items are a great way to break up the bare floors or walls in your home. A textured rug or throw in a bold color, for example, can help to spruce up an otherwise clean-lined modern living room or bedroom.

Another way to incorporate color into a modern style space is by using accent colors as a backdrop for artwork. For instance, a framed abstract print on a wall or a sculptural vase of flowers centered on a coffee table adds a punch of visual interest to an otherwise minimal, monochromatic color palette.

You can also use a few plants to give your modern style home some life, whether it’s a row of succulents on your windowsill or a pair of potted plants by your front door. These accents can easily be color-coordinated to match your existing modern-style decor for a cohesive look that’s as beautiful as it is functional.

When it comes to decorating, modern style is about balance and proportion, so be careful not to overpower your space with too much color or pattern. This is especially true when choosing artwork or accent pieces, which can often overwhelm a minimalist decor scheme.

Likewise, be aware of how your furniture is arranged and the amount of clutter it contains. Aside from furniture, accessories are generally kept to a minimum in order to allow for visual flow throughout your space and maximize natural light.

The best modern furniture for your space should feel secure and solid. Choosing well-made, upholstered chairs and sofas is a good start.

A modern design style is more about the structure and material than it is about surface pattern or color, so be sure to choose furnishings that are crafted from natural materials such as wood, leather or braided textiles. Besides being more functional, these furnishings are also more visually striking in a modern setting because they are a lot less likely to feature intricate details.

A key element of modern style is the blurring of lines between the outside and inside worlds, as evidenced by large windows framing the natural world. Combined with an open floor plan, these elements make for an airy and light-filled environment that’s perfect for entertaining.

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